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Friday 26th February

Remote learning for 26/02/21

Welcome to Fridays remote learning. 

On Fridays we will now be trying as much as possible to move away from the screens. We will not be doing a live session or setting any core curriculum activities; instead our focus will be on practical Art and Design and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) activities. 

Art and Design. 

Today we would like you to have a go at creating some of your own cave paintings. Have a look on Google or look at the powerpoint I have attached documenting the story of how the Altermira cave paintings were discovered. 

Some ideas include:

Using watered down paint and a straw, put your hand on a piece of paper or even an outside wall (with permission). Blow paint over your hand to create a hand print on the paper or wall. Stone Age people used to do this as a community.

Use crayons or chalks to create animal or hunting scenes. Again you can do this on paper or on an outside wall or even the pavement. Take some photos and email them in, we'd love to see them!


This month we are celebrating a very special birthday. The 204th birthday of Charles Darwin; a man who changed the course of science and developed one of the most important theories in his field. The theory of evolution set out in his famous book 'On the Origin of Species by means of natural selection'. Darwin was a naturalist, geologist and biologist who had a special interest in worms! 

Today we have set you some investigating and observing tasks. Have a look at the attached sheet. You could do all the tasks or choose one or two that interest you.

If you enjoy the 'butterfly' task and would like to know more have a look at this YouTube link and investigate the peppered moth.

If you would like to know more about Charles Darwin this bbc short video is fun to watch.

Have a great Friday. We hope you enjoy these activities. We're really looking forward to welcoming you all back in just over a week.