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Thursday 25th February

Remote learning for 25/02/21

Please find attached Thursdays remote learning.

Please join us at 9am for live registration and Maths. Remember to bring a pencil and paper with you. do look at the Parentpay message for the code.



Log on to Sir Linkalot.

Our Login is: St Barnabas Kent.


Download the ‘Water Wells’ set. Watch all the videos and have a go at the test.


Watch ‘The Savage Stone Age’

We are going to continue practising taking notes from a variety of media. You can watch the program all the way through once and then re-watch it taking notes or you can pause the video at the points at which you want to record important information.

Choose either a concept map or notes to record your ideas. Save your notes as we will be using them in our live session on Monday. 


Number fluency – Have a go at this game. Please just focus on the ‘paying for it’ section.

Today we are continuing with our topic of money. We would like you to make a shop using objects from around your house. Using the different techniques, you learnt about yesterday, could you choose items to add together and work out the total. You could do this with real money or you can use the attached money to cut out. If you need a recap, please watch the video below again.

Don't worry about change, we will cover this next week. 

Wider Curriculum.

Todays wider curriculum is PE. Go outside and do something you enjoy. You could: go for a walk and see if you can find some signs of spring, go for a run, practice some skipping, play football with someone in your household, challenge each other to complete sets of different exercises. Take a photo and send it to us if youd like to.