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Wednesday 24th February

Remote learning for 24/02/21

Welcome to Wednesdays remote learning. 

Please join us this morning at 9am for live registration and an English session looking at taking notes. Please bring a pencil and some paper with you. The googlemeet link has been sent out to you.



Read 'Hunter with a Heart' (in the folder attached. Just use this text, not the others) and answer the questions about the text. Remember to read it once first then refer back to the text to help answer the questions. 


Look at the powerpoint ‘taking notes’. Today we are going to be learning to take notes from information texts to use in our non chronological reports.

The key skills to remember are: focus on the key information, use headings and sub heading to help, record using short phrases or single words (you do not need to use full sentences) you can use a concept map if you find that easier.

Use the skills to practice taking notes from the texts 'cave paintings' 'stone age stew' and 'stone age time periods' from the attached folder. 


Number fluency – Have a go at the space themed roll and colour game attached below.

Adding money – Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet.

The video shows a number of different techniques you can use to add pounds and pence together. Please be aware that we are not using decimals yet. At this stage children are encouraged to add two amounts of money using pictorial representations to support them. They are encouraged to add the pounds first and then the pence. You can then exchange the pence for pounds to complete the calculations.

Wider curriculum.

Today in our wider curriculum we are continuing to think about our emotions and how we can deal with them. A big part of staying emotionally well is learning how to deal with worries. 

Have a look at the jar picture attached. Today we are going to create a jar of worries. You could use the picture I have attached or you could use a clean jar of your own. Decorate your jar. Now you are set, if you have a worry try writing it on a slip of paper and putting it in your worry jar (or writing it on your jar if you have used the print out). Sometimes getting these things out of your head can really help.