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Tuesday 9th February

Today we would like to to complete the following activities 

Reading - Please join us today @ 11 on Google Meet for the next instalment of Stig of the Dump. 

In case you cannot make it, please find it prerecorded at

When we have finished reading we will be answering the following questions -

  • What does the word ‘clung’ tell you about the way Barney was holding on to the branch?
  • What does the author mean by the phrase ‘the trees still showed their bones’?
  • What simile does the author use to describe the baby chicks?
  • Granny’s house is in an isolated location. What evidence is there to support this?
  • Use a dictionary to find the meaning of the word ‘companion’
  • Why was Stig so intrigued by the man’s coat?
  • What things did Barney find in the men’s suitcase? 

English - Planning your own story. Have a look at the attached document. It breaks down the plot of The Stone Trolls, then it gives you some ideas on how to make up your own version of the story. Today we would like you to plan your own version. There is a template at the bottom of the document but feel free to use any method you would like.

Maths - Lets warm our brains up with the top marks game

Have a look at the bingo game attached. Can you match the answers to the calculations?

Wider Curriculum - RE – Please see attached sheet.