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Thursday 11th February

Remote learning for 11/02/21

Please find attached the remote learning for today 


Please watch the story below and answer the questions.

Why did Stig and Barney throw things over the top of the motor car?

What does the word ‘alleged’ tell the reader about what the policeman thinks of the crime?

Why did Barney get so upset when the policeman questioned whether Stig was real?

What made the policeman start to believe Barney’s story?

How did Barney cheer Stig up after taking his ‘treasure’ away?


Please use the link below to join me for a live session at 11am where we will be reviewing how to 'uplevel' your writing. Once we have done this you can independently finish writing your story today.

Tomorrow we will give you some tips on how to publish your story as your best work.


Play top marks game

Now chose the times tables wheels for the times tables you are practising and challenge yourself to try a new times table.

Wider curriculum

Today our wider curriculum area is PE. Today, if you can, I would like you to get outside. Go for a walk, see if you can find something to climb, maybe a tree, maybe a small wall to balance on. See if you can notice the different sounds you can hear.

If you can't get out you can chose between some lovely calming yoga or a Joe Wicks work out linked below.