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Thursday 4th February

Remote learning for 04/02/21.

Good Morning

Today we have a really exciting extra session at 10.30am

FSC | Primary Nature Live | Brilliant Birds - YouTube

This is a live session provided the Field Studies Council. Please join us on their YouTube channel to take part in this session. Attached below are the additional sheets if you would like to take part (this is a fun extra, you do not have to join us)



Please join us at 1pm for a teams live story time of Stig of the Dump. We will be answering some comprehension questions at the end.

If you can't make the live meeting you can listen to the story here
and have a think about the questions attached. 


Look at the attached document called – The adjective game. It relates to the story The Stone Tolls. Have a go at the challenges.


Lets warm up our brains up by practising our multiplication and division facts. Why not try writing them in different colours to help you. 

Option 1. 

We still need a little bit of consolidation time on our multiplication and division facts. Choose one of the games for the 8 times table, or if you are still a bit wobbly on your 4's choose one of those. 

Option 2

Watch the video and complete the worksheet.


Todays wider curriculum area is PE. You have a few choices. If you would like something a little calming and mindful please choose a session from Yoga with Adrienne's PE playlist.

Alternatively, if you prefer to get some energy out and raise your heart rate have a go at this PE with Joe session.

For an extra challenge you could combine them; start with Joe and finish with Adrienne.