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Friday 22nd January


Remember to read for at least 20 minutes at home today. Then you can listen to the vext chapter of The Witches:



First of all, take some time to read through the wonderful sentences that children in Beech Class have written to create our version of Pepys’ diary.

Now watch Mr M’s learning video which explains how we can use these sentences to create a complete piece of diary writing. In this video, Mr M models how to use the class bank of sentences as well as descriptive sentences and show/tell sentences to create a really fantastic diary entry.

Once you have watched the video, start your own version of Pepys’ diary. Make sure you use the techniques modelled in Mr M’s writing and the help sheets provided.

Use an A3 piece of paper, or stick 2 A4 pieces together. Cut and stick the sentences from the class bank of sentences to this post and remember to add your own sentences which describe what Samuel Pepys can see, smell and hear and sentences which show and tell the audience how he felt. Help sheets are attached to this post. 

This is a big piece of writing. So don’t feel like you need to get it all done in one go. We will also allocate more time to complete this writing activity on Monday!



We are so impressed by the work you have completed this week on multiplication. Today, we want you to test your understanding by completing these challenging reasoning problems.

We understand that these reasoning problems can be a little bit tricky, so we have made you a video to help you if you get stuck!


Number Fluency-

Use your understanding of the 5 times table to complete the 5 times table worksheet attached to this post. If you need help, try watching this video:

Spr2.2.4 - 5 times-table on Vimeo


Art and Design- 

'Improving painting skills, develop control and experiment using different sized brushes'


- Different size paint brushes or available objects at home to experiment in paint

- Watercolour or poster paint

-Plain paper and a small amount of card to frame the picture

With an adult, use a search engine, to research paintings of  'The Great Fire of London'. With this knowledge create your own painting of 'The Great Fire of London', using different size brush strokes for varying parts of the painting.

Once your painting is complete and dry, add a frame around the edge. Then find somewhere in your home to display your artwork. As always we would love to see your creations.

FOR NEXT WEEK: Please could you keep an eye out for and save up a few cardboard boxes, tissue paper or scraps of wrapping paper (preferably fire coloured), black/dark paper and glue to help with the art and design activities over the next couple of weeks.