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Thursday 21st January


Remember to read for at least 20 minutes at home today. Also, please come and join us on Google Meet at 9:45 for Beech Story Time. Today we are going to read a poem called ‘The Great Fire of London’ by George Szirtes. If you would like to read this poem for yourself or listen to George Szirtes reading it out load, please follow this link:

The great fire of London, Poems (



Yesterday you created some absolutely wonderful sentences which described what Samuel Pepys did in the first few seconds after waking up on the night of the Great Fire. You used adverbial phrases and conjunctions to add detail to the simple sentences provided on Tuesday.  If you haven’t done so already, watch Mr M’s learning video in which he explains how to use these skills:

We have attached some of the wonderful sentences you created to this post for you to read.

Now we want you to turn your attention to the simple sentences that have been written about the events outside Pepys’ window.

People were pulling down houses with hooks.

People were loading carts with their belongings.

People were running to the boats to sail away.

My neighbours were putting out the fire.

Everyone was shouting and crying.

Everyone was trying to save their houses.

People were running with leather buckets filled with water.

People were trying to escape the fire.

My neighbour was loading their belongings into a cart.

People were getting crushed in the tight alleyways.

Houses were collapsing.

Pick at least four of these sentences and use adverbial phrases and conjunctions to add detail to them. 

When you have finished all four sentences, please send them into the class email address so we can add them to our class bank of ideas and upload them to the blog.



When completing multiplication problems. It is important to pick the most efficient technique. Watch Mr M’s learning video in which he explains how to pick the most efficient method of multiplication.

Now complete the ‘Multiplication Efficient Methods’ activity sheet.


Number Fluency-

We have selected a range of MyMaths and PurpleMash activities designed to help you practise your 5 times tables. If you are finding them very difficult, you need to spend more time practising with your number-line!



Get active with this 8 minute workout from Jo Wicks:

Active 8 Minute Workout Featuring Izzy | The Body Coach TV - YouTube

Pick an activity from the Sport, Exercise and Health section of the Wider Curriculum Home Learning Matrix.