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Wednesday 20th January


Remember to read for at least 20 minutes at home today. Here is a reading comprehension activity all about Antarctica for you to complete. You can pick a level of challenge that suits you. The 1 star challenge is the most simple. The 3 star challenge is the most complex.  



First I want you to read all the wonderful simple action sentences that Beech Class came up with yesterday. I have attached them to this post.

Now watch Mr M’s video in which he explains how to add more detail to these action sentences.

Pick out at least 4 sentences that happen from the time Pepys wakes up to the moment he looks out the window. Use adverbial phrases and conjunctions to add extra detail to these sentences.  

When these sentences are complete, please send them in to us so we can give you some feedback and add them to the class bank of ideas.



Now use the techniques learned in Tuesday’s learning video to solve the problems in the Multiplication Problems Part 2 activity. Here is yesterday’s learning video, just in case you missed it:

If you need help, watch Mr M’s video in which he models how todays problems could be completed:

If you are looking for an extra challenge, have a go at using these techniques to solve the Multiplication Problems Extension activity.


Number Fluency-

Watch Mr M’s learning video in which he models some techniques that can be used help learn your 5 times tables:

Now practise recalling your 5 times tables.



Complete the R.E. activity: ‘Saying thank you – Why does it matter?’