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Tuesday 19th January


Remember to read at home for at least 20 minutes today. Then you can listen to the next chapter of The Witches.



Today, we are starting a new genre of writing- Diary Writing.

We are going to put ourselves into the shoes of Samuel Pepys and create a diary entry for Sunday 2nd September 1666. We are going to start by creating first person action sentences which describe what Pepys would have done in the early hours of this terrifying Sunday morning.

Watch Mr M’s learning video in which he models how to generate some ideas that can be added into your diary entry.

When you have watched the video, complete two separate mind-maps:

1) What did Samuel Pepys do?

2) What were people doing outside?

When your mind maps are complete, please send them into to us so we can give you feedback and add your ideas to the class bank.



Today, we are going to think about how to use two specific methods for solving multiplication problems.



Watch Mr M’s learning video in which he models how to use these two techniques to solve different sorts of multiplication problems.

Now try the questions attached to this post. Think carefully about which technique to use for each calculation. If you are not sure or you need some extra help, please do not hesitate to contact us via the class email address.


Number Fluency-

Now let’s turn our attention to the 5 times tables.

Create a 5x table number-line. (Just like you did for the 2x table last week) Use it to practise skip counting forwards and backwards in 5s.


Time and Place-

(I have fixed the link now!)

This afternoon, we want you to go on a short field trip to the Museum of London, where they have an excellent exhibition on The Great Fire of London.

A special tour for our Fire! Fire! exhibition - YouTube

Watch the video from the start of the video until 5:35. 

Now try the activity that was suggested by the curator of the museum: Why did the fire get so bad? 

Your challenge is to answer this question by drawing. Do you remember the reasons why the fire got so bad? Draw an image of each one you can think of. They could be simple symbols or whole scenes. Can you draw more than three?

When you have finished your pictures, send them into us so we can share your ideas with the class on our blog.

If you want to share your pictures with the team at the Museum of London, you can email them:

As always, if you need any help with any of today's activties, please do not hesitate to contact us via the class email address.