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Monday 18th January


Remember to read at home for at least 20 minutes today. Read the great 007 and Simultaneous Action Sentences that the class wrote last week.



Today we are going to take all the great ideas from last week and put them together to create a wonderful piece of first person descriptive writing. You can use the sentences that you created last week or you can select sentences from the class bank of ideas which is attached to this post.

Watch a video in which Mr M models how to complete this activity:

Now it’s time to create your complete first person description from Toby’s point of view. When it is complete, please send it into us so we can give you feedback and share your work on the blog.



Today, we want you to extend your understanding of multiplication by completing a reasoning problem:

It doesn't matter which way around you put the factors in a multiplication calculation, the product is always the same.

True or False?

First, watch Mr M’s learning video in which he explains how to go about solving this problem:

When you think you have enough evidence to prove that the statement is either true or false, please send it in to us so we can give you some feedback and share your thoughts on the blog. 


Number Fluency-

Last week, you spent time mastering the 2 times table. Now use this understanding to solve the problems on the attached worksheet. You only need to watch this video if you need extra help:

Spr2.2.3 - 2 times-table on Vimeo



Get active with this 8 minute workout from Jo Wicks:

(1) Active 8 Minute Workout Featuring Alfie | The Body Coach TV - YouTube

Pick an activity from the Sport, Exercise and Health section of the Wider Curriculum Home Learning Matrix.


As always, if you need with any of these activities, please do not hesitate to contact us via the class email address.