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Thursday 14th December


Remember to read for at least 20 minutes at home today.  Use Google Meet to join us for a class reading session at 9:45am so we can read some more of The Great Fire of London book. We have sent out a link for the session via ParentPay.

When we have finished reading the book, we are going to discuss the following questions. Feel free to prepare some ideas ahead of time so you can share your ideas with confidence:

-What caused the Great Fire of London?

-Why did the fire spread so quickly?

-What did the people of London do to stay safe?

-What did the people of London do to try and put the fire out?

-How did the fire change London?

-Was the fire a good or a bad thing for the city of London?  

Also, if you have any pictures of you reading at home, send them in and I will add them to the blog to help inspire the rest of the class.



First we want you to read some of the amazing descriptive sentences that our class has created so far. I have attached some of the completed sentences that have been sent into me.

Now watch Mr M’s ‘Show and Tell’ leaning video to see how we can create sentences which show and/or tell the audience how Toby is feeling.

How do you think Toby is felling at the moment in the story where he sees that London is on Fire?




Activity 1: Use the ‘Tell Help Sheet’ to write a 007 sentence which tells the audience how Toby felt? (This is modelled in the learning video)

Activity 2: Use the ‘Show Help Sheet’ to add some clauses that show what happens to Toby’s body when he is feeling scared/worried/hot. (This is modelled in the learning video)

When you have completed these activities, send them into me so I can use them to make a help sheet for tomorrow.  



Watch the learning video:

Spr2.1.4 - Multiplication using the x symbol on Vimeo

Stop the video at 2:35 and answer questions 1 and 2 on the worksheet. We have attached the answers to this post so you can check your own work.

Now watch the rest of the video and have a go at the remaining questions. These ones are pretty tricky. If you are finding them challenging, why not watch Mr M’s learning video in which he models how each question can be answered.


Number Fluency-

Another great technique for learning your 2 times tables is to learn your doubles and halves. Watch Mr M’s doubling and halving learning video to find out a good way of learning your doubles and halves to 20.

Print out or make your own 20 grid. Use this tool to practise your doubles and halves to 20. Use the doubling and halving cards to practise this skill.

If you get really good at this, then use the Numicon Doubles and Halves activity to help you learn these number facts with even greater fluency.



Get active with this 8 minute workout from Jo Wicks:

Active 8 Minute Workout Featuring Harry | The Body Coach TV - YouTube

Pick an activity from the Sport, Exercise and Health section of the Wider Curriculum Home Learning Matrix.