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Wednesday 13th January


Remember to read for at least 20 minutes at home today. Pick a reading comprehension challenge from the ‘Samuel Pepys Comprehension‘ activity. The easiest challenge is the 1 Star Challenge. A medium challenge is the 2 Star Challenge. The hardest challenge is the 3 Star Activity. We have attached all the answers so you can mark your own work.


Watch Mr M’s learning video which explains how adjectives can be used to improve the sentences we produced yesterday.

Now use the list of adjectives to edit and improve either the sentences that you created yesterday or 4 of the sentences that your classmates created.

e.g.  All around me, I saw tall, terrifying, back towers of smoke.

We have added a list of useful adjectives as well as a collection of the great sentences that Beech Class created yesterday to help you with this activity.

When you have edited and improved at least 4 sentences, please send them into us so we can add them to the blog and give you some feedback.


Continue to watch the learning video from 6 minutes onwards.  

Spr2.2.1 - Using arrays on Vimeo

Now try the questions 5 to 8 on the worksheet. These problems are pretty tricky, so if you need help with them, watch Mr M’s learning video in which he models how each question can be completed.

EXTENSION: The numbers 4 and 9 are called ‘Square Numbers’. Get 4 counters and build an array. What do you notice? Now get 9 numbers and build an array. What do you notice. Can you work out why 4 and 9 are called ‘Square Numbers?’

Can you use this understanding to build arrays for any other square numbers? 

Number Fluency-

Spend some more time using the Times Table Number Line that you created yesterday to practise your 2 times tables. If you think you are starting to become very fluent on your 2 times tables, test yourself by completing the 2x table MyMaths activity which has been set for you. 


Complete the attached R.E. worksheet.


As always, if you need any help with any of these activties, please do not hesitate to ask!