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Tuesday 12th January


Remember to read for at least 20 minutes at home today. Then listen to Mr M read the next chapter of The Witches.


We have made a list of your ideas about what Toby could see, hear or smell when he looked down over the burning city of London. Please watch Mr M’s learning video in which he explains how to use prepositional phrases, verb phrases and noun phrases to help create sentences which explain what Toby could see, hear and smell.

Pick at least 4 noun phrases from the list of ideas that the class created on Monday. Now use the prepositional phrases and verb phrases provided on the help sheet to create four sentences which explain what Toby could see, hear or smell. These sentences should be written in the first person.

e.g. All around me, I saw towers of smoke.

EXTENSION: Tomorrow we are going to use adjectives to add more descriptive detail to our sentences. Can you think of any good descriptive words to help describe any of the noun phrases from our list? If you think of any useful adjectives, send them in via the class email address so we can add them to tomorrow’s help sheet. 


Watch the learning video:

Spr2.2.1 - Using arrays on Vimeo

At 5.05 the video asks you to stop and complete questions 1-4 on the Use Arrays worksheet. We have also attached the answers so you can check your own work.

At 6:00 the video sets you a challenge.

How many arrays can you make with 16 counters?

Find 16 counters or small objects around your house. How many different arrays can you organise these counters into?

Take a picture or draw a diagram of each array and send them into me. Can you find ALL the different possible arrays for 16?

Number Fluency-

It is time to learn our 2 times tables. Follow the steps in the ‘Making a Times Table Number Line’ Document.

Once you have built the resources, use them to practise counting forwards and backwards in multiples of 2. When you can do this fluently, watch Mr M’s learning video in which teaches you some techniques for using these resources to learn your 2 times tables.

Use these techniques to practise recalling the multiplication facts for the 2 times table.  


Log on to PurpleMash and find the ‘Effective Internet Searches’ 2Do. Look at slide 2. Who has seen this screen before? What does it do?

This screen is called a search engine. Do the you know of any other search engines?

Note we are using rather than This means the answers from UK sites will be given preference.

Look at slide 3. Where do you enter your search terms? Run a quick search for ‘Dinosaurs’ and see what happens.

Look at slide 4. Look at the results after you search. What kind of results have appeared on the screen?

Look at slide 5. Look at the list of different search tools in the upper left corner of the Google homepage. Have you ever used any of these? Click on them to show the different kinds of results they produce.

As well as searching for words, we can also ask the search engine a question. For example, if we want to find out how tall a Tyrannosaurus Rex was, we can type the question into the search engine.

Think about why is asking questions might be a more effective way to search than just putting in a word.

Now use the understanding from this presentation to help find the answers to the Dinosaur quiz attached to this blog post. We have also added the answers so you can check your own work.