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Thursday 7th January


Remember to complete at least 20 minutes of reading at home today. Use Google Meet to join us for a class reading session at 9:45am in which we will read some more of The Great Fire of London book. We have sent out a link for the session via ParentPay.



Continue the Great Fire of London Game:

Game - The Great Fire of London

When you get to the activity where you have to sequence the events of the Great Fire of London, stop and complete the Great Fire of London Sequencing Activity.

Print out the worksheet attached to this post (or make your own versions of the pictures) cut out the pictures and sequence them on a timeline.

You can use the previous pages of the game as well as Mr M’s video from Monday and the class reading session from today to help you. When you have completed your sequence, you can check your answers using the game.

Watch Mr M’s learning video of sequencing vocabulary.

Use the techniques outlined in Mr M’s video to help add sequencing vocabulary to your sequence of pictures. When this is complete please submit this work using the class email address.



Watch the learning video all about adding equal groups.

Aut2.12.4 - Add equal groups on Vimeo

Now use this understanding to complete the ‘Add Equal Groups’ worksheet. We have also attached the answers so you can check and mark your own work.


Number Fluency-

Today we are going to practise counting in 5s. Watch Mr M’s counting in 5s learning video.

Print out or make your own 50 grid like the one used in Mr M’s video. We have attached one to this post. Use small objects to cover all the multiples of 5. What do you notice? What patterns can you spot? Write an Always-Sometimes-Never statement which explains what you found out:

e.g. Multiples of 5 ____________________ have a ________________ in the 1s column.

Use the understanding from your Always-Sometimes-Never statement as well as the 50 grid that you made to help you play some ‘Counting in 5s Ping-Pong’ with a member of your family.



Get active with this 8 minute workout from Jo Wicks:

Active 8 Minute Workout 3 | The Body Coach TV - YouTube

Pick an activity from the Sport, Exercise and Health section of the Wider Curriculum Home Learning Matrix.


As always, if you need any help or support with any of these learning activities, please do not hesitate to contact us via the class email address.