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Wednesday 6th January



Remember to complete at least 20 minutes of reading at home today. You can also listen to the next chapter of The Witches:


Once you have finished listening to this chapter, we have two comprehension questions for you to discuss with your family:

1) How did the boy know the hall was full of witches?

2) What do you predict will happen next?




Go back to the Great Fire of London Game:

Game - The Great Fire of London

Carry on from where you got up to yesterday. The next activity asks you to identify which items were used to fight fires in 1666?


-Fire Engine

-Leather Bucket


-Fire Fighting Helmet

-Fire Hook


Use the magnifying glass to explore each item before deciding whether to place it in the cart or not.

Now watch Mr M’s learning video on the use of complementary and contrasting conjunctions.


Use this understanding to write information sentences which compare and contrast firefighting techniques in 1666 with firefighting techniques today.


e.g. Modern firefighters use a torch but they didn't in 1666.  


When your sentences are complete, send them in via the class email address so you can get some feedback. 




We have set you some spelling words to practise which revisit some of the sounds that we have already learned in Year 2. Go to PurpleMash and look for the ‘Week 1 Quiz’ 2Do.


We have also attached a Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet to this post so you can practise these spellings.


EXTENSION: Can you identify any digraphs that you recognise in these words? Can you find others words which have the same digraphs?



If you haven’t done so already watch the Make Equal Groups learning video:

Aut2.12.2 - Make equal groups on Vimeo


Then, if you haven't done it already, complete the ‘Make Equal Groups’ worksheet. We have attached the answers as well so you can check and mark your own work.


Look again at question 5. Build each set of equal groups and send a picture of your work to the class email address.


Now it is time to set yourself some challenges. Write yourself an equal groups challenge. e.g. 3 equal groups of 4. Now use items from around your house to build your challenge.

Complete this activity with 3 of your own challenges and send in a picture of at least one of them to the class email address.


Number Fluency-

Today we are going to practise counting in 2s. Watch Mr M’s counting in 2s learning video.


Print out or make your own 50 grid like the one used in Mr M’s video. We have attached one to this post. Use small objects to cover all the multiples of 2. What do you notice? What patterns can you spot? Write an Always-Sometimes-Never statement which explains what you found out:


e.g. Multiples of 2 ____________________ have a ________________ in the 1s column.


Use the understanding from your Always-Sometimes-Never statement as well as the 50 grid that you made to help you play some ‘Counting in 2s Ping-Pong’ with a member of your family. If you want a challenge, start on 50 and skip-count backwards. 



Please complete the ‘What is the good news Jesus brings?’ activity that is attached to this blog post.


As always, if you have any questions or queries relating to these learning activities, please do not hesitate to contact us via the class email address.