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Thursday Challenge: 2nd July

Rank these events from least to most naughty to create a naughtyometer!


Use the following questions to help you make up your mind.


Not doing any homework for a whole week

Is school like a job? Are there more excuses for not doing homework than schoolwork? What counts as a good excuse? Could there be good reasons for not doing any work?


Stealing from the school canteen / Stealing someone's lunch

Is stealing always wrong? Is it worse to steal from a person or an organisation? Who are you stealing from if you steal from a school?


Calling another pupil a bad name - Calling a teacher a bad name

Is calling someone names worse than hitting someone? Would a child feel worse than a teacher? Would you get punished worse for insulting a teacher than a child? Should you?

Hitting someone / Seeing someone hitting someone, and doing nothing about it / Hitting someone back

Can two wrongs make a right? Can you do something to someone that’s done it to you without it being bad?

Is watching someone get hit worse than watching someone fall over?



Tell us what you think!