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Using a Bar Model to Find Fractions of Amounts

Earlier in the week we posted an article all about using bar models to find fractions of amounts. We have been using these skills this week. Here are some examples of our work. 

Could you use this skill to solve the following problems at home? 


Jane has 16 sweets. She eats ¼ of them. How many does she have left?


Mr M puts 9 pencils onto a table. He knocks 2/3 of them onto the floor. How many pencils are still on the table?


If you are looking for a really tricky challenge, try this one!


Sarah has some Pokémon cards. She gives 1/3 of them to her friend. She gives 3 cards to her friend.

How many cards did Sarah have to start with?

How many cards does she have left now?