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This Week's Learning

Term 2 Week 1

In English this week, we are going to continue writing first person recounts from the point of view of Samuel Pepys. In order to make our writing as historically accurate as possible, we are going to take a virtual guided tour of the 'Fire, Fire' exhibition at the Museum of London. We will then use this understanding to insert relevant information into our recounts. 

In Phonics, we are going to focus on adding 'es' to words ending in 'y'. For example, flies, spies, babies, teddies, carries, hurries and cries. Our grammar focus will be on plural nouns. 

In Guided Reading, we will work in small groups to complete short reading comprehension activities. We will focus particularly on reading with fluency and using basic retrieval skills to find relevant information from the text. 

In Science and Computing, we will focus on sorting objects according to the material they are made from and their material properties. We will use single and double Venn Diagrams to help us do so. We will also focus on internet safety and create generalised rules which can be universally applied to help us stay safe while using Information Technology. 

We will also be completing sessions in Mastering Number, PE and Design and the Arts. If you have any questions about our learning, please do not hesitate to contact us using the class email address.