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This Week's Learning

Term 1 Week 6

This week in English, we are going to explore how we can develop the basic action sentences that we created last week and turn them into a diary entry. First, we are going to generate adverbial phrases which can be added on to the start of our basic action sentences. Next, we will consider how we can show and tell the audience how Samuel Peps would have been feeling on the night that the Great Fire of London started. 

In Maths, we will compete activities designed to practise counting 2s, 5s and 10s. We will also complete reasoning activities designed to help us make generalised rules which can be used to support us counting in these multiples. Finally, we will turn our attention to Addition and Subtraction. We will focus on number bonds to 10 and will adopt a systematic strategy for finding all the different pairs of addends that can be added together to make 10. 

In Time and Place, we will explore the materials that were used to build houses in 1666. 

In Science and Computing, we will continue to sort materials according to their material properties using Venn Diagrams. We will also consider the benefits of using IT in school and in the wider world. 

We will also complete Phonics, Guided Reading, Handwriting, Mastering Number, PE, RE and Design and the Arts activities. 

If you need any further information about any of these activities, please do not hesitate to contact us directly using the beech class email address.