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This Week's Learning

Term 6 Week 1

In English this week, we are focusing on recount writing. We wil start the week by analysing a piece of recount writing that Mr M wrote about a holiday that he once went on. We will use a colour coded success criteria to work out exactly why it was such an effective piece of recount writing. We will then set about planning a recount of our class trip to the park. 

In Maths, we will focus on subtraction. We will pick out a particularly tricky type of subtraction calculations and then work on strategies for solving such problems. 

In Time and Place we are going on a school trip to Grosvenor and Hilbert park. We are going to explore the plants and animals in our surrounding habitats with a particular focus on adaptation. 

We look forward to as many families as possible visiting the garden and celebrating its opening on Friday!