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This Week's Learning

Term 3 Week 5

In English this week we are going to continue to focus on instruction writing. We are going to turn our attention to the part of our story where Sir Fred defeats the dragon. First, we will focus on creating an introduction and a ‘You Will Need’ section. Next, we will focus on creating detailed instructions which include sequencing vocabulary, adverbial phrases, imperative verbs and conjunctions. Finally, we will create a short conclusion to complete our instructions.

In Maths we will focus our attention on division. We will introduce pupils to the ÷ symbol and explore two different methods of solving division problems; grouping and sharing. We will use manipulatives to represent these two methods before teaching pupils how to use more efficient ways of recording their thinking. Finally, we will use and apply this understanding to solve arithmetic and reasoning problems involving division.

In Science and Computing we will continue to focus on Digital Photography. We are going to focus on what constitutes a good photograph and the role that lighting plays.

We will also complete Spelling, Handwriting, Guided Reading, Number Fluency, PE, Design and the Arts, and RE activities as well. If you would like to find out more about any of these activities, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.