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This Week's Learning

Term 3 Week 4

In English this week we are going to continue to focus on instruction writing. We are going to turn our attention to the second part of our Knight’s quest and produce a piece of writing which will provide instructions for Sir Fred on how to get through The Scary Forest. First, we will write an introduction and a ‘You Will Need Section’. Next, we will use sequencing vocabulary, adverbial phrases and conjunctions to add detail to simple instructions. Finally, we will write a short conclusion to complete our writing.

In Maths, we will continue to focus on equal groups but with a clear focus on Multiplication. First, we will explore how we can use physical manipulatives such as numicon, base 10 and coins to help solve multiplication problems. Next, we will explore how such physical objects can be replaced by more efficient types of notation. Finally, we will put our multiplication skills to the test be solving 1 and then 2-step problems.

In Science and Computing, we are going to continue our focus on digital photography. We are going to focus on what makes a great photo and develop an understanding of framing in landscape and portrait.

We will also complete Guided Reading, Number Fluency, Spelling, PE, RE, Design and the Arts and PHSCE activities as well If you would like to know more about any of these activities, please contact us via the class email address.