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This Week's Learning

Term 3 Week 3

In English this week, we are turning our attention towards a new genre of writing- instruction writing. First, we will play some games to familiarise ourselves with how instruction sentences are structured. We will focus on the use of imperative verbs and how to use them to create simple clear instructions. Next, we will write simple sentences providing instructions for how our hero should complete their quest. Finally, we will explore how these simple instructions can be enhanced in order to create complete pieces of instruction writing.

In Maths, we will continue to focus on working with equal groups. We will turn our attention towards arrays and in particular how equal groups can be represented as rows and columns. We will focus on building arrays and also recording our representations with the x symbol. Finally, we will explore how our understanding of equal groups can be used to solve 1 and 2-step problems involving arrays.

In Science and Computing we are going to begin a digital photography unit of work. We will focus on how to take and edit digital photographs.

We will also take part in PE, Design and the Arts and RE lessons.

If you would like to find out more about any of the learning activities taking place this week, please contact us directly using the class email address.