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This Week's Learning

Term 2 Week 3

In English this week, we will be continuing our versions of Samuel Pepys’ diary. We will write a descriptive paragraph explaining what Pepys might have seen as he stepped out of his house on this fateful night. First, we will focus on creating high quality descriptive sentences using prepositional, verb and expanded noun phrases. Next, we will explore how we can include sections which demonstrate our historical understanding of the Great Fire.

In Maths, we are focussing on solving 2-digit + 2-digit calculations. First, we will use Place Value cards to help us to partition 2-digit numbers and set our working out using the expanded vertical method. Next, we will use our number bond and counting skills to add the ones and tens parts separately. Finally, we will use our understanding of place value to add the sum total of the tens part and ones part together. We will also explore what additional steps are required if the sum total of the ones part is greater than 10.

In ICT, we will be focusing on the application of IT in the wider world and exploring how to stay safe while using IT. We will also complete Design and Art, RE, and PE lessons.

Finally, this week we will start to practise our Nativity. We will also complete audio recordings of some of the lines on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th November. So please can you make sure your child is practising their lines!

If you have any questions regarding this year’s nativity or need a new script sent home, please contact us directly using the class email address: