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This Week's Learning

Term 5 Week 6

In English this week, we are going to write a section of narrative from our class quest. First, we will add adverbial phrases and conjunctions to Mr M’s simple action sentences. Next, we will explore how we can use special writing techniques designed to show and tell the audience how the main character is feeling. We will finish the week by completing a final draft of our chapter.

In Maths, we will be focusing on mental subtraction. We will explore how we can use our understanding of number bonds, place value, counting and bridging through 10 to solve subtraction problems. We will also consider the most efficient method to use.

In Time and Place, we will use the Bayeux tapestry as a source of historical information. We will look at it closely and use it to make historical discoveries. However, we will also think carefully about how reliable it is as a source of information.

In Art and Design, we will continue to build our moving castles. In R.E. we will continue to learn about Judaism. We will also continue to learn hockey skills in P.E.