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This Week's Learning

Term 5 Week 4

In English this week, we are going to create a character description for the dragon in our class quest. We have already collected words and phrases from a book called ‘Tell Me a Dragon’ and used these to help us design our own dragon. Now we are going to use these words and phrases as well as the skills we have learned over the last few weeks to create an independent character description of the dragon.

In Maths, we are going to revisit and extend our understanding of addition. We will focus on revising all the different mental addition skills that we have learned so far and then explore the most efficient ways to use these skills. Finally, we will use and apply these skills to help us solve some reasoning problems.

In Time and Place, we are going to focus on the Norman Invasion of England. We will use a mixture of primary and secondary sources of information to find out about the events surrounding the invasion. We will then explore the importance of castles in the invasion and settlement of 11th Century England.

We will also complete R.E, P.E, and Design and Art activities.