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This Week's Learning

Term 4 Week 5

In English this week we are going to focus on instruction writing. We are going to write instructions for our Knight for how to complete their quest. We are going to use imperative verbs to write simple instructions and then use conjunctions to add extra detail. Finally, we are going to explore how the organisational features of instruction writing can be used to provide structure for our text.

In Maths we are going to start the week with some assessments to see what gaps have appeared in our learning during the period of lockdown. We will then complete our fractions learning by exploring how to solve fractions of amounts problems with large altogether numbers.

In Science we will complete a dissolving investigation and in R.E we will continue our work on Salvation. In art we are going to use cutting and pasting to create some wonderful Easter designs.

If you want more detail on anything we are doing or need help with any matter relating to your child’s learning, please do not hesitate to contact us using the class email address.