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Friday 4th March


Remember to read at home for at least 20 minutes today.

Catch Up-

We are not going to add any new English or Maths activities today so please use this as an opportunity to catch up with any activities you have missed out during the week.

Design and Art-

Last week you designed and planned a board game. Here is a video to give you some ideas if you haven’t already designed it.

Now collect the materials you need  and create your board game. Finally enjoy playing your game! Please do send in pictures of you playing your games. We would love to see them.

Friday Challenges-

This week your challenge is to design and build a vehicle with wheels. Think carefully about the following questions:

-How many wheels will your vehicle have?

-What will the wheels be made out of?

-How will the wheels be attached to the body of the vehicle?

-What will you make the body of the vehicle from?

-What shape and size will the body of the vehicle look like?  

-How will the vehicle be powered? You might like to build a wheeled vehicle that is powered by pushing or gravity powered. However, if you are looking for an extra challenge:

  • You might like to build a wheeled vehicle powered by wind:

  • You might like to build a wheeled vehicle powered by a balloon:

If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at the vehicle that Henry in Willow Class made: 

If you complete a design or build a wheeled vehicle, please send us in a picture so we can post it on your class blog and share your work in celebration assembly.


If you have already designed and built a wheeled vehicle. Can you design and build a vehicle that moves without wheels?