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Wednesday 3rd March

8:50am: Live Registration-


9:00am: Live Math Lesson-

Today we are going to focus on solving  finding the difference questions. Start by attending the live session.

Now try the ‘Find the Difference Activity’ attached to this blog. 

If you need extra help, try watching this video: 

Aut2.11.3 - Find the difference on Vimeo

Or you could re-watch the live lesson from today:



10:00-10:50: STEM Workshop: Rocket-Car

You can find the link to this session by visiting the following site:

Sevenoaks School Outreach Activities: STEMagination Week 2021

Click on the Wednesday 3rd March activities and find today’s ‘Design and 3D print a rocket-car based on Bloodhound SSC’ Workshop. Click on the Teams Event Live Link. It will take you to this page: 

Feel free to download the App if you wish. Alternatively, you can still watch the session by watching it on a web browser.

An introduction to 3D printing with BLOODHOUND Education. Learn about the Bloodhound project and its attempt to break the land speed record by travelling at 1000 miles an hour in a specially designed rock car. Learn about 3d printing and the Bloodhound LSR. Build your own rocket car and race it. This workshop is led by Mr Alex Colenso, Head of Technology at Sevenoaks School.

Those taking part would need the following materials:

-Safety Scissors

-Car template

-Glue stick/Sello Tape

-Foam sheet or cardboard from small delivery box

-Barbeque skewer

-1 straw

-1 Balloon.



Make sure your read at home for at least 20 minutes today. Log on to the Oxford Owl website, and select a book. Create a mini book review in which you explain what you thought about the book.


Number Fluency-

Start by watching Mr M’s learning video.

Then go back to Mr M’s shop. Pick 2 items and work out the difference in value between the two items. Repeat this process for at least 5 pairs of items. 



Complete the Humanism activity attached to this post.