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Monday 1st March

8:50am: Live Registration-

Join us for live registration. 


9:00am: Live Math Lesson-

In today’s lesson, we are going to explore how to calculate change. We are going to use a technique called ‘Finding The Difference’.

Please start by attending the live lesson. If you cannot attend this session, we will do our best to film it and add the link here for 24 hours after filming. Here is the link:

Once the live lesson is over pay another visit to Mr M’s shop. Pick an item from the shop and imagine you are paying with a £1 coin. Use the ‘Finding the Difference’ technique to calculate the change you would get from the shop keeper. Repeat this process for at least 5 separate items.

Extension 1: Can you calculate the change if you bought an item with a £2 coin?

Extension 2: Can you calculate the change if you bought an item with a £5 note?



Remember to read at home for at least 20 minutes today. Please also have a go at the attached reading comprehension activity all about Knights and Dragons. If you need help reading the text, please read it with an adult. Then you can pick the level of challenge for the questions you want to answer independently.  


STEM Workshop: Bubbles and Balloons-

You can find the link to this session by visiting the following site:

Sevenoaks School Outreach Activities: STEMagination Week 2021

Click on the Monday 1st March activities and find today’s ‘Bubbles and Balloons’ Workshop. Here you will find a link to the session. The password for this session is: pop-bang

Please note, this is NOT a live session. The link will be live and can be viewed any time between 8:30 and 12:30pm. The session will last for about 50 mins.

Here are some of the questions that we will investigate:

Can you make a bubble last forever?

Can bubbles be made square?

Are you brave enough to stick a skewer in a balloon?

Can you make a balloon helicopter?

You be wowed by the giant bubbles and whizzing balloons.


Number Fluency-

Today we will be exploring how to add multiples of 10 to single and 2-digit numbers. Start by watching Mr M’s learning video:

Now play the adding on multiples of 10 game modelled in the learning video. You will need some single number cards, a dice and a pen and paper.



An introduction to running, jumping and throwing:

Children will be involved in activities introducing running stride, basic throwing actions & simple stretches as part of a cool-down. Please note this lesson will require some physical exercise and additional equipment, beyond a pen, pencil or paper. Please see the equipment slide near the start of the lesson video and make sure your child is adequately supervised when equipment is required. Parents and carers are responsible for ensuring that children follow the correct safety advice provided at the start of this lesson and the instructions the teacher gives during the lesson. Parents and carers are responsible for supervising activities where required and for seeking medical advice in advance if your child has a medical condition that may prevent them taking part in physical activity.

An introduction to running, jumping and throwing (