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Wednesday 24th February

8:50: Live Registration-

Join us for live registration.

9:00: Live English Lesson-

Today we are going to explore how to improve the wonderful sets of instructions that you completed yesterday. We will start by thinking about how to use simple sequencing vocabulary to order our instructions. Then we will use a writing frame to help us write a catchy and interesting introduction. If we have time, we will also think about how to create a ‘You Will Need’ section.

When the lesson is finished, we want you to add the following elements to your instructions:

-sequencing vocabulary

-an introduction

-a ‘You Will Need’ section

We have now attached the modelled writing from today's live lesson to this blog post. You can use it to check that you have added all the organisational featuresw correctly. 

When your writing is complete send it in so we can give you some feedback.



Remember to read at home for at least 20 minutes today. Then you can tune into the next chapter of The Witches.



Start by watching Mr M’s learning video.

In this lesson we revisit an addition technique that was taught earlier in the year- expanded vertical addition.

Activity: Visit Mr M’s shop. Pick two items from Mr M’s shop. Find the total value using the partition method.  Repeat this with at least 5 calculations.

Extension 1: Create problems where you know the sum of the 1s column with be 10 or larger. This will mean that you have to cross a 10s barrier in order to calculate your answer.

Extension 2: Can you use this method to find the total value of 3 items? What about 4 items?


Number Fluency-

Today we are going to continue to think about subtraction facts and related subtraction facts. Start by watching Mr M’s learning video.

Now take a bar model from the sheet and use it to come up with as many different related subtraction calculations as possible.   



Now have a go at the attached R.E. activity. it is all about Humanism.