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Friday 12th February

9:00am Celebration Assembly



Remember to read at home for at least 20 minutes today.


Catch Up-

We have no new English or Maths activities scheduled for today. So please use this time to catch up with activities that you have missed out on during the week.  


Art and Design-

Our Friday Art and Design challenge is to make a 'Great Fire of London Collage'. 


-plain white A4 or larger paper,

-any available media e.g. wax crayons, pencil crayons, pastels, paints,

-glue and a variety (scraps) of materials e.g. felt, piece of egg box, next, sand, earth, to stick on the collage to give texture.

The definition of a collage is:

“A piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing.”

The collage shown in the above photo, has mainly used tissue paper, but we would like you to use whatever media and materials you have access to, with permission, at home.

Sometimes it helps to sketch out your design with a pencil first, indicating where you intend to put parts of the picture and what items you might stick here. Others may prefer to be more organic in their approach and see how the collage progresses, as you add materials.

We are looking forward to seeing your fabulous collages.


Friday Challenge 1-

Today we want you to investigate coins. Mr M says,

“Coins are made of metal. Therefore, coins are magnetic.”

Is this true or false?

Design an investigation at home to try and find prove if Mr M is correct or not. How are you going to record your results? Howe are you going to share your findings?

When you are ready to share your findings, send them in to the class email address so we can share your ideas on the blog and give you feedback.   


Friday Challenge 2-

Next week is Shrove Tuesday. Therefore, this challenge is all about Pancakes! Today we are presenting you with a selection of Pancake related challenges to choose from:


Design Your Own Pancake Topping:

Lemon and sugar is a traditional topping to put on your pancakes. Can you design something a little more adventurous and personal to you.

Can you create a labelled diagram of what your pancakes will look like?

Can you create a set of instructions to make your pancakes?


Make You Own Pancakes:

Find a recipe. Measure out the ingredients. With the help of an adult cook your own Pancakes.


A Flipping Challenge:

Flipping Pancakes is an important part of the pancake cooking process. Today we are challenging you to investigate the following question:

‘What material is best for flipping?’

Here is what you need to do:

-Ask to borrow a frying pan from your kitchen.

-Pick a material (cardboard for example).

-Cut out a pancake sized circle from your material.

-Test how easy it is to flip. How will you measure this? Perhaps you might like to see how many successful flips you can do with it in 30 seconds.

-Record your results.

-Repeat your investigation with a range of different materials.

When you have finished your investigation, email us and tell us what you found out.


We will be your Friday Challenges in Celebration assembly next week and we will also be sending out some Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.