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Wednesday 10th February

8:50am- Live Registration:

Remember to tune in to take part in our live registration. Mr M will be there to welcome you, take the register and talk you through today’s learning. If you have any questions or do not understand something about today’s learning, please ask. This is a great opportunity for us to share ideas and ask questions.    

9:00am- Live Maths Lesson:

Today we are going to focus on counting money using coins. First of all, join the live lesson. Then have a go at the following activities.

Activity: Use the understanding gained in the live lesson to answer the questions on the Counting Money Pence worksheet. If yo need extra help with this, you can watch this video to help:

Aut2.10.1 - Count money - pence on Vimeo

Extension: If you are looking for an extension activity, see if you can work out the missing values in the bar models in the attached worksheet.



Remember to read at home for at least 20 minutes today. You can also tune in to the next chapter of The Witches.



Today we would like you to spend some more time turning your plan into a complete piece of diary writing.

If you have finished your writing already, watch Mr M’s learning video explaining how to finish your diary writing in an interesting way.

Then use the following skills to end your diary:

-Exclamation sentence


-Question and Answer


Number Fluency-

Today we are going to continue to explore how re-ordering the addends can make addition calculations easier and more efficient. First watch Mr M’s learning video:

Now find the sum for the attached calculations. Think carefully about the order that you add the addends. Consider starting with the multiple of 10 and use your understanding place value and number bonds to support you.



Please complete the attached R.E. activity.