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Friday 29th January


Remember to read at home today for at least 20 minutes. You can also tune in to Mr M reading the next chapter of The Witches.



Today we are going to explore how direct speech is recorded in narrative writing. The first thing that we  need to think about are the rules for speech punctuation. Watch Mr M’s learning video in which he introduces these rules and models how to turn a cartoon into a piece of third person narrative.

Now try turning your cartoon into a piece of narrative. If you have not completed a cartoon but would still like to complete this activity, you can use Mr M’s version which is attached to this blog post.



Watch Mr M’s video in which he models how to use grouping to solve division problems.

Now use the techniques modelled in the learning video to solve these division problems with large dividends.

EXTENSION: Consider the following statement:

All of the problems in today’s lesson had large dividends. Why is grouping an efficient method for problems with low dividends? Why is sharing not a very efficient method for these types of problems?

If you want to share your ideas, or find out what Mr M thinks, contact us via the class email address.


Number Fluency-

Try the 10 times tables worksheet and watch the video if you need help. 

Spr2.2.5 - 10 times-table on Vimeo


Art and Design- 

Today we are going to experiment with drawing and composition. Here are the resources you will need:

-plain white paper

-oil pastels or charcoal,

-wax crayons,



-paper clip

Today we are going to experiment with a technique called Sgraffito. This means to scratch away at the top layer to reveal a light contrasting layer underneath.

Here is a video which explains how to xgraffito with oil pastels to create texture and  decoration "

Firstly colour a small area of your paper with a light colour. Then use a darker colour to colour over the top. Take your paper clip and bend, so you can use the end to scratch into the colour, revealing the lighter colour underneath. The paper clip can be used to create pictures in your coloured area. Experiment with different contrasting colours. The youtube link will give you detailed instruction and shows an inspiring end piece or art. 

Another idea could be to fold an A4 piece of paper into 4, then unfold to reveal separating lines and create a picture storyboard. Each quarter would contain a Sgraffito picture as a different section of the story.

We are looking forward to seeing your Sgraffito designs so please send them in to us!


As always, if you have any questions or need help with any of the work you have been set, please do not hesitate to contact us.