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Wednesday 27th January


Remember to read for at least 20 minutes today. Don’t forget that the Oxford Owl resources are also available:

We have also uploaded the next chapter of the witches for you to listen to.



Today we are going to plan a very short conversation between Samuel Pepys and a fellow Londoner outside of his house on the night of The Great Fire.

First of all, watch Mr M’s learning video:

Now use the ‘Direct Speech Planner’ to plan the conversation. Also add sound effects using the sound effect bubbles. 



Lets spend some more time focusing on dividing by sharing. Mr M wants to introduce some specific vocabulary and some useful tools for using sharing to solve division problems. Watch Mr M’s learning video.

Now use these techniques to solve these division problems.

EXTENSION: Consider the following statement:

All of the problems in today’s lesson had small dividends. Why is sharing an efficient method for problems with low dividends? Why is sharing not an efficient method for problems with large dividends?

If you want to share your ideas, or find out what Mr M thinks, contact us via the class email address.


Number Fluency-

We have added these MyMaths and PurpleMash activities to compete designed to help practise your 10 times tables.



Please complete the attached R.E. activity.