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Tuesday 19th January

Here is today's home learning.

Reading- While learning from home, you should be aiming for at least 20 minutes reading per day. This can be any type of text – fiction book, non-fiction, comic, newspaper, etc. A reading comprehension on ‘The Lost Aeroplane’ has been included with this blog for you to complete if you wish.

Don’t forget to join the class story time at 2:15pm today. You have been sent a link via Parentpay. It was lovely seeing so many faces last week.

Phonics- Today we are learning about the ‘ew’ sound in words like blew, crew and drew. Below are some videos to watch going through some ‘ew’ sound words.

ew for /oo/ and /yoo/ sounds - Phonics - YouTube

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ew/ - YouTube

Talk about the ‘ew’ sound. Can you say the sound?  Remember this digraph can make a ‘oo’ or a ‘yoo’ sound. Can you write the sound? You could use chalks, pens, write it in flour or use magnetic letters. Can you write some words with the sound in?  Can you read these words that have the sound in them:  blew, chew, grew, drew, screw, crew. Now try filling in the missing letters on the worksheet attached to this blog. You could either print the worksheet and cut out the letters or you could write the words on some paper and draw your own pictures.

Maths- Today we will be learning to add by making 10. Watch the White Rose Maths video: Spr1.4.2 - Subtraction crossing 10 (2) on Vimeo  and then try completing the worksheet attached to this blog.

Maths Fluency- This challenge is about finding a variety of ways to make 10. You might think of 6 + 4, or 20 – 10, 12 - 2 or... there are lots of possibilities. 

Try to create examples that use addition and subtraction. Perhaps you could challenge yourself to find more ways of making 10 than someone else in your family.

English- Today we would like you to write a fact file about mammals. There are two video clips for you to watch and there is also an information file attached to this blog. Alternatively, you can do your own research.

 What are mammals? - BBC Bitesize

What are mammals? | Primary Biology - Animal Types - YouTube

What are the main features of all mammals?  How do they feed their young? Are they warm blooded or cold blooded? What interesting facts did you find out about mammals? Write down what you have learnt. You can use the attached template or write in your home learning book.


Art- This week we are learning about Romero Britto and his artwork. A Powerpoint is attached to this blog which gives you some information about him. You can also use the video links below to look at his work:

Romero Britto - Pop Art - YouTube

You have a choice of art activities:

  1. You can use the templates attached to this blog and colour in one of the pictures in the style of Romero Britto using bright colours and patterns.
  2. You can watch the following video showing how to draw a Romero Britto heart picture and then create your heart art. How to Draw a Britto-Inspired Heart Art Lesson for Kids - YouTube
  3. You can draw your own picture and colour it in using bright colours and patterns like Romero Britto’s artwork.