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Friday 15th January

Keep reading to find out about today’s learning.

Reading- Remember to read for at least 20 minutes at home today. A reading comprehension about Bats has been included with this blog for you to complete if you wish.

You can also visit the Oxford Owl website.  and access books online. The login details are:

Username: willow101

Password: pupil


Once you are logged in, you can go into the Oxford Owl e-book library and select a book of the appropriate level to read. You can do this by going to the tab which says levels and scroll down until you come to book bands. If you are not sure which level your child is reading at please email us and we will let you know.

Phonics- Today we are learning about the ‘wh’ in words like whirl, wheat and wheel. Below are some videos to watch going through some ‘wh’ sound words.


Mr Thorne ‘wh’ :

 Geraldine the Giraffe ‘wh’ :


Talk about the ‘wh’ sound. Can you say the sound?  Can you write the sound? Play Buried Treasure (Phase 5 ‘wh’ sound) on PhonicsPlay   username:jan21    password:home. Can you read the words and say whether they are real or nonsense words? Put the real words in the treasure chest and the nonsense words in the bin. Can you write a sentence which includes one of the real words?


Maths- Today we are continuing to learn about subtracting not crossing 10. Watch the White Rose Maths video: Spr1.3.5 - Subtraction counting back (crossing 10) on Vimeo and then try completing the worksheet attached to this blog.

English- Today we would like you to write an animal fact file. An example of a fact file for a Painted Lady Butterfly is attached to this blog. You can either write a fact file for a frog using the attached template or you can choose another animal. Remember to include what type of animal it is, what it eats, where it lives and at least 3 fun facts.

Some information about frogs can be found using the links below:

Fun Frog Facts for Kids -

Common Frog | What Do Frogs Eat & other Frog Facts - The RSPB

It would be lovely to see a copy of your completed animal fact file.

ICT- In ICT we will begin a programming unit and explore the basic principles of coding. Please log on to purple mash where some 2Dos have been set (‘Air Traffic Control’ and ‘Snail Race’). Have a go at completing the tasks. There are hints to help you. You could also click on the computing section of Purple Mash and explore the 2Code App.

Two Science activities about animal groups have also been set for you to try to complete.  There is no obligation to complete all of the computing activities.