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Monday 18th January 2021

Here is your learning for today.....

Monday 18thJanuary 2021


Dear Chestnut Class


These are your home learning tasks for the day:


Independent reading– please read for at least 30 minutes and record this in your yellow reading records.


Class reader– The Iron Man.  Today I would like you to read chapter 3.  It is attached to this blog post.  I have marked the text with page numbers that match the original text.  They will help when you answer the questions later in the week and are directed to specific pages.

You can also listen to it being read on YouTube:

The Iron Man - Chapter 3 by Ted Hughes - YouTube



Spellings– We are looking at some sets of homophones.  Please follow this link to the website Spellzone and read the word list. You can click on the sound button to hear the words being said and then a definition being given.  Afterwards I would like you to practise writing these words out.  You can use any of the methods we often use in school – pyramid words, bubble writing, forwards and backwards etc.

Word list activities: Year 4 Homophones (


English– Goblinology booklet. On Wednesday last week you planned your Goblin report and spent Thursday thinking about how to present it.  Today I would like you to write the report up properly, using full sentences and the magpie word bank you built up.  If, as some of you have, you have already done this, please spend your time checking your spellings and improving your work.


Maths– We will be calculating perimeter on a grid today.  As usual I attach a link to the learning video for this session.


Then complete the worksheet attached to this blog post.  I have also attached the answers.


Maths fluency– I have set a Purple Mash ‘2-do’ activity.


Topic– following on from last week’s powerpoint on government, I would like you to watch the powerpoint entitled ‘what is democracy’.  I would like you to consider how people of all ages can engage with democracy.


Have a happy Monday!

Mrs Barter