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Term 3 Week 2 Home Learning

This is an overview of your week's learning.  There will be a daily blog post to explain in more detail what your learning is for that day, which will include resources and links.

Your learning this week will include:

Reading- You should be aiming to do at least 20 minutes reading each day. We would like you to keep at a record of what you have read in your yellow reading record book.

This week we will be having a story time session at 11:30am on Tuesday which I hope you will be able to attend.  You should have received an invitation to join it via Parentpay.

Phonics– we will focus on letter sounds oy ir, ue, aw and wh this week. You will also have some flash cards to help you learn and practise letter sounds from phase 3.

English– This week we are going to be doing some activities based on the story of Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful.  Each day I will explain exactly which tasks I would like you to complete.

Maths– This week we are learning about adding by making 10 and starting to learn about subtraction without crossing over 10 threshold. We will also be practising number bonds for 10.

Science– We will be learning about different animal groups (birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and invertebrates) and thinking about which animals belong in which animal group.

RE – We will be thinking about forgiveness and the question ‘What does Jesus teach Christians about forgiveness?’

Art– We will be looking at the artwork of Anthony Gormley and you will be asked to create your own artwork inspired by him.

ICT– I will set activities on Purple Mash for you to complete in your scheduled session on Friday. This will include a coding activity and a science activity.

Don’t forget to look out for the daily blog post which will explain in more detail what your learning is for that day.  Please do not hesitate to contact us via the class email ( if you need any help or support.