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Thursday 14th January

Remote learning 14/01/21

Apologies for the delay. Small technical issues!


Please read to your adult for 20 mins. Chose a book you enjoy and discus what you like about it. Alternatively have a look at the attached Stone Age text.


Re watch the poem. You will need your word bank from earlier in the week. Use the same format of Michael Rosen and start your own poem about the 'age' you chose. Remember to use the same repetition. You do not have to finish, write 2-3 verses. We will finish tomorrow.


To warm up your brain practice you times tables and division facts with your adult.

As always there are 2 options. Please chose the most suitable one. 

Option 1 and complete the divide by 2 worksheet.

Option 2 and complete the worksheet 5 times table.


Todays wider curriculum is PE. Its a wet and rainy day so have a chill out with this cosmic kids yoga.

Again, apologies for the lateness! The blog was written last week and disappeared somewhere between my drafts and Mrs Duncombe's email.