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Home Learning: Tuesday 05/01/2021

Here is today's home learning.

Reading- While learning from home, you should be aiming for at least 20 minutes reading per day. Today please read the book that is in your book bag or pick a book from home.


Maths- Today we will be learning to add by counting on. Watch the first White Rose Maths video on add by counting on activity

Try some of the suggested activities, such as using number cards, a dice or dominoes to practise counting on. Can you write some number sentences to show what you did? For example 6+3=9.

Phonics-  Today we are learning about the ‘ay’ sound. Play flash cards/speed trial on phonics play phase 5a (,  The username and password will be sent to you on Parentpay).

Talk about the ‘ay’ sound. Can you say the sound?  Can you write the sound? You could use chalks, glitter, make it out of playdoh, write it in flour, use magnetic letters. Can you write some words with these sounds in? Hide the word around the house. Can you find it?  Can your child read these real and nonsense words with the sound in it:  Real words- spray, play, delay, crayon, tray, may, stray. Nonsense words- scray, thinay, thray, chay. Can you write the real words in a sentence using a capital letter and full stop?


English- This week we will be using the story of Brian Bear’s Picnic A version of the has been attached to this blog for you to read or listen to. You can listen to an audio recording of this story here:

Once you have listened to the story, talk about your favourite part of the story and think about what happened in each part of it.

Can you talk through the story and sequence it?

What happened first?

What happened next?

What happened then?

What happened after that?

Draw a story map to show Curtis, Bertha and Gertie’s journey to the picnic. Try to include time connectives on your story map (First, Then, Next, After that, Finally).  Try write some words on your story map to tell people what is happening.


Science- Watch the video about Winter and how it affects plants and animals . What do you know about Winter? What are some of the features of Winter?  Can you draw a picture or make a poster to tell people about Winter.