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Term 2 Week 3

Keep reading to find out about this week's learning.

In Maths this week we are going to continue learning about subtraction.  We will be finding the difference between two numbers, comparing number sentences and writing number fact families. If you want to know more about what we are covering, you can look for extra activities on the White Rose Maths website Year 1 Home Learning Week 9 (     

In English we will be writing instructions and thinking about how to structure our instructions, for example using a title, having a “What you need” section and a “What to Do” section.  In Phonics we will be practising reading and writing words with the ow (owl, brown, flower), oi (boil, point, join), ar (card, park, jar) and or (sort, fork, corn) sounds in them.

In Science we are going to be learning about the properties of different materials and will be describing them. As part of our investigation we will be making boats from different materials and testing them to see which the best boat making material is. Please feel free to make and test your own boats at home.

This week in RE we will be talking about Advent and why this is an important period for Christians.

Year 1 will be starting to learn the songs that we will be singing in our nativity production.  This year’s nativity is going to be a little bit different because we are unable to welcome an audience into school or mix with other year group bubbles to practise. Therefore, we have decided to film our production for parents to watch. Year 1 will be performing 3 songs and the children will be dressed as sheep and shepherds. A letter will be sent home this week letting you know what part your child is playing. We would be grateful if costumes could be in school by Friday 27th November as filming will be taking place during week commencing 30th November.



Home Learning

It would also be fantastic if your child could practise subtraction number bonds for 10 (or another number if you wish).   This can be done by using objects at home. For example, find 10 small objects (buttons, beads, coins) and 2 plates. Put all of the objects on one plate and count them. Talk about how many objects are on the plate. Now decide with your child how many objects you are going to take away. Take that number of objects off the first plate and put them onto the other plate. Count how many objects are now on the first plate. Talk about what you have done. For example, “There were ten buttons on this plate and we took 3 buttons away and now there are seven buttons left. Ten take away three is seven.” Then try it again and take away a different number of objects.

A science quiz about materials has been set on Purple Mash if you want to try.

If you want to know more about anything we are learning about or have any questions,        please feel free to contact us via the class email address: