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Term 4 Week 5 Home Learning Tasks

Here are the home learning tasks for Wednesday 22nd March 2023. Completed home learning tasks need to be handed in by Monday 27th March 2023.


This week in class we are learning about Mass and how much items weigh. For home learning, we would like you to complete an activity about measuring the mass of objects. Watch the video below:

Y1 Spring Block 5 TS2 Measure mass on Vimeo.

Now try completing the worksheet.


Group 1

This week we would like you to practise spelling words where ‘c’ makes a ‘s’ sound such as pencil and where ‘g’ makes a ‘j’ sound, such as gem.  Try completing the ‘Home Learning Challenge’ on the attached sheet.

Group 2

Complete the attached sheet by filling in the missing CCVC words.

If you have any questions or need help with anything please contact us using the class email address (