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Term 3 Week 6

Here is an overview of our learning activities for week commencing 6th February 2023

In our main Phonics lessons we will be learning to read and write words containing ‘ew’. In some words it makes a ‘yoo’ sound (such as in new & few) and in other words it make an ‘oo’ sound (such as in chew & grew). We will also be reading the words ’because’ and ‘different’ and writing the words ‘asked’ and ‘called’.

In English and Science we will be starting to write a fact file about amphibians and finishing off our work on Reptiles. In our whole class reading we will be looking at the poem ‘The Sound Collector’ by Roger McGough and talking about sounds we like to hear.

In Maths we will be learning about doubles, near doubles and subtract ones using number bonds. We will also be looking at number patterns for making 6 in our fluency work.

In RE we will be discussing whether there are things anyone, not just Christians, can learn from what Jesus taught his followers. In Art we will be finishing our wave pictures and other pieces of artwork.

If you have any questions or need help with anything please contact us using the class email address (