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Term 6 Week 3

Here is an overview of our learning activities for week commencing 20th June 2022.

In Phonics this week we will be learning about the ‘are’ and ‘ear’ trigraphs, which make an ‘air’ sound in some words. We will also be reading the words ‘autumn’ and ‘gone’.

We will be linking our English and Time and Place work and this week we will be writing facts about Europe. In Maths, we will be ordering numbers up to 100 and starting to learn about money and the value of different coins. As part of our Maths fluency work we will be adding and subtracting 1 or 2 from numbers up to 10 and looking at number patterns involving odd and even numbers.

On Tuesday afternoon we will be attending the singing festival at the Assembly Hall. In RE this week we will be learning about Buddhism and the story of Siddhartha and the Swan. As part of our Art work, we will be creating clay flowers and drawing sunflowers. In PE on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, we will be continuing to develop our athletic skills, ready for Sports Day next week.

If you have any questions or need help with anything please contact us using the class email address (