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Term 4 Week 6 Home Learning

 Here is the home learning for Wednesday 30th March 2022. Please complete this home learning by Tuesday 19th April 2022.


This week we would like you to practise using the terms ‘empty’, ‘almost empty’, ‘almost full’ and ‘full’. Try filling a container up to different levels and then describe how full it is.

Alternatively, you could watch the video below and complete the worksheet included with this home learning.

Spr1.11.2 - Introducing capacity and volume on Vimeo


This week we would like you to practise spelling words with the u-e split digraph which can make an ‘oo’ or ‘yoo’ sound in words. Our spellings this week are:

June                     cute

rude                      tube

prune                   tune

Now try writing some sentences including some of our spellings.