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Term 6 Week 1

What we are doing in Lilac Class for the wb. 6.6.22

What we are doing this week in Lilac Class

WB: 6.6.22

In Maths this week in Lilac Class, we are continuing to investigate decimals as fractions, using both concrete and pictorial representations.  We will then build on our previous learning of tenths and hundredths and apply this to understanding thousandths.  We will then find out how to round and order and compare decimals. 

In English this week, are starting our writing about Ernest Shackleton and Endurance.  Lilac class will be reading another text about the expedition entitled Ice Trap! Shackleton’s Incredible Expedition.  Lilac Class are writing a piece of dual narrative writing.  This will begin with a ‘hot seating’ activity exploring what the men felt about the boat sinking and how Shackleton felt as the leader.  What did they think should be done and why? In Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill, our Whole Class Guided Reading text, we are again using our inference skills by answering such questions as: ‘Why do you think time passed slowly in Patience Camp?’   Do you think it was good or bad news that the snow leopard was full of undigested fish?’  ‘Why do you think they needed to construct an igloo for cooking?’

In RE this week, we are learning about the role of the mosque for the Muslim community? We will be finding out about the features of the mosque and their significance and symbolism. 

For our Time and Place topic entitled ‘Life on Earth’, we are starting our study of India.  This week we are learning about the climates found in the different regions in India and the key aspects of climate zones.  In Science, Lilac Class are finding about the work of the naturalist and animal behaviourist Jane Goodall and the work of David Attenborough.  We will also be looking carefully at our broad beans plants that we are growing from a broad bean. Dr Charles is regularly photographing them! Lilac Class are also growing a geranium from a cutting.  In Music, we will be practising our songs for the Tunbridge Wells Singing Festival to be held on Tuesday 21st June at the Tunbridge Wells Assembly Halls. Please remember to purchase tickets from the Assembly Hall’s website.  Information via the school office went out about this last week.