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Home Learning: Term 3 Week 3

Here is the home learning for Wednesday 26th January. This home learning should be completed by Monday 31st January.


This week we would like you to draw pictures to practically show us the following questions:

  • 1+9
  • 7+3
  • 5+5
  • 2+18
  • 16+4
  • 19+1

You can draw these however you like. You could draw 1 ice cream and 9 bowls of jelly for example. Or 7 mammals and 3 birds. You then need to count how many objects you have altogether and write the correct number sentence to go with it i.e. (1+9=10).


This week we would like you to practise spelling words with the “or” and “au” digraphs in them. We have learnt that in some words these digraphs can both make the “or” sound. Our spellings this week are:

  • north
  • born
  • porch
  • launch
  • haunt
  • August

Now try writing some sentences including some of our spellings.

If you have any queries or concerns about the Home Learning that has been set then please email us at