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Willow Class Home Learning

Here is the home learning for Wednesday 19th January. This home learning should be completed by Monday 24th January.


This week we would like you to go on a 3D shape hunt around your home to see how many different shapes you can spot. You could draw or take photographs of the objects you find. Listed below are some examples of 3D shapes.






Red Pyramid


You could also find a picture (e.g. of a train or a building such as a castle) and see how many different 2D flat and 3D solid shapes you can spot.



This week we would like you to practise spelling words with the ‘ew’ digraph in them. We have learnt that in some words the digraph makes an ‘oo’ sound and in other words it makes a ‘yoo’ sound. Our spellings this week are:

chew         stew                 

flew          few

grew         newt

Now try writing some sentences including some of our spellings.

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Pease note, Willow Class Home Learning books will be sent out on a Wednesday and will be collected in the following Monday. This is to allow work to be checked and new home learning tasks to be set. Each week the home learning tasks will also appear on the Willow Class blog, as well as being sent out as a paper copy in books. We aim to set one Maths task and one Phonics/English task will be set each week. Sometimes these will be online tasks and sometimes these will be practical or written tasks.

If you have any queries or concerns about the Home Learning that has been set then please email us at